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Stewardship, Families, and Politics

Is Art the Last Refuge of Scoundrels Who Scoff at the Law?

The Power of Words, My Marriage, and the Constitution

The Value of a Blank Slate

The Poison of Hype

Expectant Grandfather, Actual Grandfather

Confrontation, Confidence, a Will to Power, and the Question of "Why"

Very Short Post-Why I have Not Posted For a While

The Value of Good Advice, the Perils of Bad Advice

What Doesn’t Get Measured Doesn’t Get Done

A Gross Miscarriage of Justice Reversed

Did America Declare War on China on Friday?

Living In the Moment can Be Overrated

A Career Change For Me; My Mother as Role Model

The Putin Gambit: A Conspiracy Theory

Steely Dan’s “Deacon Blues;” Winners and Losers; This is Not About Ukraine

Shortest Post: Rosh Hoshana

Mid Life Crises Revisited, The Search for Awe, Introspection: Controlled or Amok

Public Defenders and Soldiers Can Be Noble; Murders and Wars Can Never Be

My Uncle Jock, Woodstock, and Unreliable First Impressions

WEIRD, Kinship, the Queen, the Harfoots of Middle Earth

Tradition, DR2, and Chesterton’s Fence

“Rope-a-Dope” in Life and Politics

Degree of Difficulty: The Root of My Political Biases

Not So Great Expectations

Something Noble This Way Comes: Biden’s Student Debt Plan

Fools in Love

Unfiltered Thoughts of an Expectant Grandfather plus the Grandparent "Cult"

Very Short Post: Salman Rushdie and Headlines, Lorem Ipsum

The Awful Necessity of Misreading Other People

A Lonely Fan of Chamberlain; Probability and Expected Value

Fraud School; Sophistry and Scotch; A Constantly Shrinking Portfolio

FOMO, “Ten-Baggers,” Authenticity and Its Limits

Goading the MAGA Herd; a Third-Rate Lenin; a Result to Celebrate

Peanut Gallery, Vote Canvassing, Vaclav Havel, Dangerous Self-Affirmation

AIPAC Sells Its Soul

I Mis-Told You So; 100 Word Mea Culpa

Frodo, Mid-Life Crisis, Trumpian Sycophants, Macbeth, and Meatballs


Losing My Religion

Dukakis; Supreme Spartan Folly; Bacteria That Devours Oil; Canute v. Xerxes

“And You Thought I Would Do What?”

A Little Story Starring My Father That Made a Big Impression On Me

The Short, Unhappy Life of My Reckless Reading Habits

Adolescent Shame, Mature Honor

The Remarkable Success of our 535 Representatives and Senators

Very Short Post: The Moral Arc Today is Rainbow Colored

An “Illogical,” “Perverse,” and Tragic Supreme Court Decision: Shinn vs. Jones

Short Post: Do Not Dare Blame the Police for Uvalde

Short Post: Our Domestic Gun Violence Problem and American Power

The NY Times on the Rape of Haiti by France Two Centuries Ago; “Moral” Debts and Reparations

Who Do We Choose to Care About? The Allocation of our Emotional Capital

Netflix Stock Plunged: A Semi-Free Rider Roots for it to Recover

The Shootings in Buffalo: MLK's Words Offer Wisdom and Faith

Does Everyone Need Their Own Personal Myth?

The Big Lie about the War

Why Does Our Government Prioritize Killing Russians Over Saving American Lives?

Abuse of the Word Extremist; Is The Sermon on the Mount a “Set of Extreme Ideas?”

Rape, Abortion, Russian Soldiers, Ukrainian Women

The Challenge of J.D. Vance: A Litmus Test for Me

“Poshlost,” Gogol and Belinsky in 1847, Kennan in 1947, the Continuity of Russian History

Short Stories Are Underrated and are Better than Novels for Reading Groups

Artificial Intelligence as an Existential Risk, Human Agency, and How World War One Started

Four Incredibly Toxic Words: “I Told You So.”

According to Jonathan Haidt, the Fault for Everything Lies Neither in the Stars, Nor In Ourselves, but in Social Media.

War, What is it Good For?* (Absolutely Nothing); Plus, Thoughts on Angels, Lincoln and Schadenfreude

Ibram X. Kendi on White Supremacists, and the Art of the Stretch

The Lilliputians of Gulliver’s Travels, Our Covid Divide, and a Thought Experiment

Leading a Passover Seder, Machiavelli, and Federalist No. 10. (On Factions)

Why I’m Optimistic About Climate Change

Welcome to a Community of People Who Care Deeply About Culture and Literature.

Crimes Against Words: Groomer and Genocide

The Cruel, Untimely, and Much Too Quiet Death of the Expanded Child Tax Credit

Why America’s (“Phony”) War in Ukraine Bothers me