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A Eulogy For My Grief

The OG Fascist: Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor

I’m A Believer In Free Speech But This Morning I Censored Myself

Thirty meals At A Food Bank: Something A Paid Subscription of $30 Can Do

What Is Enough

A Jew Reads James Baldwin After The October 7th Atrocities

“Thank God For the Atom Bomb”

My Personal Myth

The Death Of The Leisure Class

How A Fraud Broke My Trust In Myself

Montana Meets Manhattan: Two Adventures In Education

Recommendation: How To Measure Sums of Money From the Distant Past

A Checkbook Can't Make You A Hero

Pain That Cannot Forget

Laughing and Crying at the Same Time

We Don’t Mean To But We Do: What Parents Say and What Children Hear

History is Coming For Us and It’s Going to Hurt

A New Option For My Subscribers

My Childhood Loneliness Haunts Me

Is Noblesse Oblige Still Relevant Today?

A Report From Grandparent World Ten Months In

Absolute vs. Responsible Behavior: Why We Need Both

How Serious Are You About Movies?

Churchill's Eulogy for Chamberlain: The Legacy Test

Recommendation: Are You Serious About Your Candy?

Primo Levi, the Holocaust, and Forgiveness: A Video Discussion With Professor Al Filreis

Recommendation: The TV Show Damages

“Greed is Good:” Oliver Stone’s “Wall Street” 36 Years later

The Cruel, Untimely, and Much Too Quiet Death of the Expanded Child Tax Credit

Recommendation: A Board Game All About Words

Primo Levi: Only Victims Can Truly Forgive

Welcome to Sparks From Culture

Ed Norton's "Worm" in Rounders

David Foster Wallace’s Devastating Short Story, “Good Old Neon”

John Cheever’s “Goodbye, My Brother” and the Eighth Deadly Sin

Revolutionary Road: Delusions of Exceptionalism

How We Learn to Desire, the Weak and the Strong, The Wonder Years

In-Laws: Lessons Learned From a Family Tale of Betrayal and Rift

“Warning! There be Squalls Ahead*” The Stock Market and the 2024 Election

Challenging My Own Thinking. Is Modern Capitalism Moral?* Kid Rock

Supreme Court Cage Match : Thomas vs. Jackson on Affirmative Action and Race

A Short Follow-Up to my Post on the Peak-End Rule as it Applies to My Colonoscopy This Morning

The Ongoing Financial Constriction of the Non-Privileged

The Spell of the Kennedys; My Personal Experience

Belly Flops, John McEnroe, “This is Water,” Dow 1,250

Willy Loman in the Age of Trump

The Despicable Rich

The Peak-End Rule

Sophie, Succession, and East Hampton “Finance Bros”

The Bigotry of Ron DeSantis

Thoughts About a “Good Life”

Post-Wedding Reflections; Having Another Go Against Chaos

As My Son’s Wedding Approaches, a Ramble Through My Mind

The Debt Ceiling : A Custom More Honored in the Observance than the Breach; Useless Outrage

A Different Take on Justice Clarence Thomas and His Very Rich Friend

Grappling With Chaos

Exaggerated or False Praise is Often Self-Defeating and Sometimes Pernicious

The Implacable Miss Hurt, Mozart, Okun's Leaky Bucket

Leo, Alanis, Conan

AI: Experts, Experts Everywhere, But Who Knows What To Think?

Satan, Charisma, Clinton

Watergate, Patriotism, Israel, Weebles

My First Favor

Brief Post: A Numerical Bamboozle in the WSJ

CHIPs: A Few Brief Thoughts

A Monster, A Fable, The Modern Search for Meaning

Opinion Contagion

Dire Straits Part Two: A Shiver in the Dark

Dire Straits: Money For Nothing, I Loved My SVB

They Don’t Mean To But They Do, “Fat Bastard,” and Democratic Foreign Policy

Prayer, Gratitude, and “Hacks”

The Environment, Cool Charts, and the Wrong "Hullabaloo"

My Youthful Distractions, American Teens and Social Media, Marcus Aurelius on Binge-Watching

The Pottery Barn Rule

The Inner Ring

Carpe Diem?

Angela, Malcolm, and Ron

Misunderstanding MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

Pete Carroll, the Scapegoat of Azazel, and the Monsters We Must Have

Embarrassing Correction to my Post of My Covid and My Cognitive Biases

EMBARRASSING CORRECTION: My Covid and My Cognitive Biases